Jan 16, 2018

3D Nails-Unexpected Beauty Designed for You

Hello dear. Wanna try some cool style nail art? Then how do you think of 3d nails or 3d decoration nails? Today, I am going to share you a roundup of decoration nails, hope you would love them.

It is OK to add different colorful rhinestone beads with irregular shapes on your polish or gel nails. Look at the mineral beads nails, also looks fashionable, right?

Nail decorations with black matte nail studs, triangle, square and round shapes are optional here. Decorating your nails, your bags, your phone cases are all very great to try.

This manicure has used the same nail studs with the above nail design, compare the two designs, which one would you like to try firstly? I love the star nail stud, I am going to try it soon, item code: 41239.

Gold 3d nails shared for you now, really creative to do decoration manicure with stamping plate, nice taste to design your nails like it. I love this one so much! Item code: 36332 from 

Fresh nail color, suitable for spring and summer nails, it is good idea to add different amount studs on your nails.

Last manicure, nice combination with stamping patterns, cool style, beautiful nails, suitable for all the occasions. Try this nail decoration now? Item code: 40256. 

Try some 3d nails if you are used to designing polish nails, gel nails, you will feel another different beauty, cool for every girls. Hope you enjoy them~

Jan 14, 2018

New Valentine’s Stamping Plates-Best Gifts for Your Romantic Moment

Hello dear. How is your weekend? It's getting closer to Valentine's Day,๐Ÿ’šare you ready for your special Valentine’s festival? Valentine's nails must be needed - suits all your moods - makes you happy! Check this post and you will be surprised by the beautiful stamping plates images. 

Look at the reverse stamping valentine’s nails, all so romantic and cute, you also could do that with right colored nail polish! Which one do you want to try firstly?

Romantic flowers, essential helper for the warm day. It will be very great to paint the rose flowers with red stamping polish, sounds great, how do you think that? Item code: 41295 from to check more~

Simple lovely images with heart, cool lines and layer flowers. Never miss the layer stamping plates if you are crazy about this style!! To be more beautiful with the gorgeous nails! Here to get the nail stamping kit, item code: 41296.

Wedding, flower, romantic images are all included in this plate, you could see a whole process from the started relationship to the weeding, all shown on this plate, change your nails according to your love state. Here to go~

Look at this one, so cute animal stamping plates shared here, dog, pig, panda, unicorn, horse, and so on. Relaxed animal nail choice to try the lovely animal plates, which color do you want to paint them into? How about cute pink?

Passionate valentine’s nails, expressing your love with this cool style is also a cool and unique idea. There is one of my favorite image with kisses pattern, so romantic and I cannot wait to use them until Valentine’s Day! Item code: 41929 to get the nail stamping.

Now, are you also breathtaking after enjoying those beautiful plates? All $2.99!! Nice gifts for your girl friends as adorable gifts!! Welcome to join us giveaway here->>, it is possible to get all the 5 new valentine theme stamping plates as gifts. Trust me, you will be lucky enough to get them!! 

Jan 11, 2018

Let Floral Nails Enrich Your Spring Life ๐Ÿ’›

Hello sweeties. ❤ Is your city still so cold? Take care of yourself, I believe that it will get warmer soon. The spring is coming soon, let’s prepare some spring nails for the coming nice season. Today, I am going to share you a roundup of floral nail stamping, are you interested in for them? 

Here is a colorful water decal nails, looks so fresh, nice choice for your spring nail pattern. Do you want to try the nail art? Item code: 40410. 

Gorgeous flower nail design, I like this kind of tidy nail art, always make viewers comfortable! Search ID 21815 from

Another flower water decal, simple to finish and you will be surprised by the fresh effect, try it soon, and get more details here.

One of the bornpretty hottest floral stamping plates ( #39490 ), many other flower images optional and you could try to design the reverse nail stamping with different colors, just like this one!

Flower fairly gel, if you want to keep your nails longer, try this gel polish and 6 colors optional, let this flower nails enrich your spring life. Item code: #38091.

Simple flower stamping nail art, it is very good like this, just paint your two nails like that if you think it is too much to paint all the nails. Item code: 21815.

Dark romantic flower water decals, great idea to apply the black stickers. I love the nail art stickers so much, I am going to try it soon!

Look at the last reverse flower stamping, perfectly suitable for spring beauty choice, and go out with the floral nails to get more attention, how do you think of this nail art? In spring, it will never be too much to do floral manicures...๐Ÿ’†

All of them are shared from bloggers, thank you so much for your those stunning nail art designs, which helped so many nail lovers. And, do you also want to join bornpretty family and review our product? Email bornprettynailart@gmail to tell us your ideas. Welcome firstly! 

Jan 8, 2018

Neon Chameleon Nails Designs in Two Different Usages

Hello dear. Have you been back to school or work after new year festival? Hope you will start an amazing new year~

Wanna a cool and unique nail art for your 2018? Here I am going to share you a tutorial video about how to make neon chameleon nails with two different steps, are you also curious about that? Then follow me to check the details more~

Please allow to explain more for you:
For the usage 1, which is also the normal nail powder steps, apply the base gel, black gel and top gel, cure your nails after you apply gel each time. Then stick the nail vinyls onto your nails and apply the neon chameleon powder. Finally, peel of the vinyls and apply top gel to finish your nail design.

For the usage 2, please do the same black base to get stronger chameleon effect. Mix the top gel and neon chameleon powder together, then cover the nail vinyls and use the liner brush to draw anything you want. Finally, peel off the vinyls and cure to finish!

Two different usages with two different effects, the first one looks fantastic with chameleon effect, while the second one is special with mermaid effect, which one do you prefer?

If you want to try, here you could see below products:
•BORN PRETTY Unicorn Chameleon Mirror Powder Mermaid Chrome Pigment (#40357)
•Holographic Nail Vinyls(#40957)
•Base Coat(#39795)
•Nail Art Brush(#37666)
•Resin Stone Color Paint Palette(#41760)
All could be found in Have a nice try!

Note: many other nail powder could also be used like the second usage to get different effect:) 

Jan 3, 2018

2017 Best Mani Collection-The Inspiration of Your 2018 Nail Designs

Hello sweeties. Happy new year! All the best to your new 2018. Could you share me your most satisfied nail design in 2017? Here I am going to publish a collection of best manicures which are designed by bloggers, wanna see them? Let’s enjoy the nail beauty together.

First one, shared from IG@lucy_nail_addict, used the unicorn and geometric stamping plate, four different nail patterns, do you love this style? Item code: 40225 from 

So holographic nails from IG@paintedbypolish_, definitely will be surprised by the holo effect, I just cannot describe how much I love it! More details here.

IG@secretjewelgarden’s great work! Gorgeous nail shape, gorgeous stamping pattern! She used the feather nail stamping with item code 19373. I just wanna stole this idea and try my own special mani!

Gradient fol nails from IG@blondinkao0, the simple way to design your nail art with no harm, wanna try? Check 38888 from bornprettystore site to get more surprises.

Classic geometry stamping nails from IG@manicure.d, she is one of my favorite nail manicurists, all her nail art looks tidy and cool. Hope you could share us more. Stamping plate code :36312.

Also from IG@manicure.d, you have to check here IG page to enjoy the nail beauty with me. Cool nail shape with cool mirror nail effect, so beautiful, I think she is also very pretty! The mirror powder here.

Best choice for autumn leaves stamping nails from IG@aksinailart, how many people also love the gentle colors together just as me? More leaves optional here.

Holographic peacock powder nails shared from IG@peb_nails, a very great nail blogger who will share us so many professional tutorial videos, it is a great place for beginners to learn your manicures here. 

The last one, chameleon stamping nails from IG@nbnailart, make it a cool and different with the chameleon stamping polish, wanna try? Item code: 41004 and 41085.

It is a pity that I just shared some of them for you. Have you found your favorite nail design? Some of them could be from you, share us your ideas about the nail art designs. Now, think about the unique nail ideas and you will be next one to share your nail art on our blog!

Happy new year!